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  • What is Active Nodes?
    Founded in 2020, Active Nodes is a well known trusted Proof-of-Stake infrastructure provider and validator. The company has secured more than $70m USD worth in assets under its secure validation infrastructure. Active Nodes is focusing in secure their infrastructure with the highest standards and build a strong community to accelerate the adoption and help projects growth
  • What is Staking
    Staking is when owners of an asset, such as Osmosis, offer their assets to be used to ensure the functionality and security of the blockchain. In return, the owners of the asset are rewarded by the blockchain.
  • What are the risks of staking?
    In case a validator node (mistakenly) misbehaves, you could incur penalties that will affect your overall staking returns. In the worst-case scenario, validators could even have their stake “slashed,” at which point a share of the staked tokens would be lost.
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